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Each of the following strands will have an average of four
session options over the course of the breakout sessions

Advisory and Academic Coaching Using the Online 10‐year Plan
One of the greatest and most unique strengths of implementing a Get Focused...Stay Focused! ® program is the availability of the online career and education 10‐year Plan. more...This portable plan affords every instructor and counselor in your school the opportunity to quickly gain insights into the dreams, goals, and plans of each student with whom they come in contact. In this series of sessions, you will gather strategies and ideas that will transform the way you work with your students. Learn about the unique Skills-based Education Plan process that assures students are college ready and, just as important, career ready, with the skills to compete for jobs in their career field.

Best Practices for High School Principals and College Administrators
Don’t reinvent the wheel. The presenters in this strand bring experiences from their freshman courses and Get Focused...Stay Focused! ® programs. more...College and high school program administrators will leave with a wealth of ideas to take back to your campuses. The ability of colleges and high schools to form close relationships and partnerships is paramount in helping students stay on their chosen career path and continue to use their 10‐year Plans consistently throughout high school AND college.

Best Practices: Teachers
Instructors and lead teachers for the freshman transition course will not want to miss these best practices sessions! more...Designed by experienced course instructors, these sessions will provide you with tools and strategies to take back and use in your classroom right away. From tips to launch your course, to connecting your students with contextualized learning experiences, to supporting your school‐wide initiative, these sessions are sure to leave you energized and ready to teach your class with confidence! Applicable to both beginning and experienced freshman course instructors.

Career Pathways: Get Focused...Stay Focused! ®—The Missing Link
The term “career pathways” has been around for a long time. more...It’s been tied to Perkins funding, is what high school academies are all about, and now in California with the Career Pathways Trust grants and the SB 1070 goals, Career Pathways has an even stronger mandate. These sessions will discuss the “missing link” in Career Academies, Linked Learning, and Career Pathways—a comprehensive career exploration and guidance course in 9th grade. Professionals working with various career pathways at both the high school and college levels will speak about logistics, administrative and community buy‐in, and student follow‐up through matriculation into college.

Dual Enrollment
Dual enrollment is an exciting optional component of the Get Focused...Stay Focused! ® Initiative. more...Dr. Diane Hollems, former dean of Dual Enrollment at Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) and co‐founder of the Get Focused...Stay Focused! ® Initiative, highlights “What’s New” in dual enrollment in California, including AB288. She will also address the complexities of navigating two educational systems, highlighting strategies for K12‐community college relationship building. You’ll leave with strategies you can take back to your own system as you gain insights into the logistics of the large and highly successful dual enrollment program at SBCC, including management of online registration and open enrollment. This strand will also feature the always-popular panel discussion with administrators who work with dual enrollment programs, complete with audience Q & A to address any topic about dual enrollment. Many sections in other strands will include information on giving college credit for the Career Choices/Freshman Transition 9th grade course.

Evaluation and Assessment
Join Dr. Russell Rumberger, professor in the Graduate School of Education at UCSB and founder of the Center for Dropout Prevention housed at UCSB, to learn not only how to evaluate your program, but what data to collect and how to analyze it. more...Learn about the UC evaluation of the Get Focused......Stay Focused! ® program is conducting for schools participating in the randomized control trial and how schools not participating in the UC evaluation can conduct their own quasi‐experimental evaluation. Your funders (school boards, grant providers, and foundations) will take your efforts more seriously when you can demonstrate your results. Career Pathway grantees will be most interested in these evaluation strategies.

Get Focused: Implementing the Freshman Transition/First‐Year Experience Course in Your High School or College
Whether you are planning to launch a Freshman Transition Initiative course in your high school or a First‐Year Experience course at your college, you won’t want to miss the “Get Focused” portion of this conference. more...Dr. Lauren Wintermeyer will share strategies to plan and launch your freshman course with success. You’ll also learn about the role of counselors in your K12-postsecondary partnerships along with details about the unique professional development opportunities available to high schools or colleges to support your team in launching your Freshman Transition Initiative. The goal of this strand is to equip you with a thorough understanding of what it takes to help every single student Get Focused!

Get Focused...Stay Focused! ® Middle School Bridge Program
It is recognized that even the freshman year of high school is too late to begin important discussions about career exploration. more...This new middle school bridge program introduces a comprehensive course that provides the structure and support at this critical transition for early adolescents. With sessions presented by the authors of the new Building a Bridge to Your Future student workbook and instructor’s guide, you’ll learn classroom strategies that prepare students to engage in the career exploration, career decision-making, and career planning process throughout high school. You’ll understand how to raise the self-efficacy of students through activities centered in social and emotional intelligence so that students leave middle school believing they can be successful in high school, college, and the workforce. You’ll leave these sessions equipped to build students’ enthusiasm about the 10-year planning process they will encounter in their high school’s Get Focused...Stay Focused!® program.

Get Focused...Stay Focused! ® Program Model on College Campuses
A Student Success course, modeled after the Freshman Transition Standards of the George Washington University Freshman Transition Initiative is different than the traditional college success course. more...The Skills-based Education Plan advocated by the Get Focused...Stay Focused! ® model is more progressive than a traditional college Student Education Plan (SEP) and is better suited for preparing students for the challenges of the modern workplace. The session in this strand will address these topics and a variety of other strategies of interest to those working in traditional 2-year and 4-year colleges, Adult Ed, and specialized programs. You’ll leave with start-up strategies to take back to your campus that can change the culture of your school in a cost efficient way.
Matriculation from High School to College - Best Practices for Counselors & Administrators
As students create and use their 10-year Plans and the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® 10th, 11th, and 12th grade follow-up modules, they will be able to work more closely with both their high school and college counselors to do effective planning and college course selection. more...In addition, they will be bringing their 10-year Plan via the mobile phone app to their college counselors in order to upload to the college education planning tools. While students are learning self-advocacy in their Get Focused...Stay Focused!® program, it is important for counselors and administrators to know that students have this valuable tool, which ultimately will allow them to stay on their chosen career paths and to complete postsecondary education/training in less time.

My10‐®: Hands‐on Experience (in the computer lab)
Join members of the® development and support team for first‐hand experience with®. more...Learn about the student experience, and explore the special functions and reports that will help instructors and administrators streamline assessment and grading. You’ll go online for a tour of this intuitive online program that empowers all school personnel to personalize their work with each student as they provide advisory and academic coaching sessions. In the computer lab, experience the new high‐demand/ higher‐wage functionality of® designed to help students in California identify careers in demand in their region. This strand will also discuss the data students collect in their 10‐year Plan and how that information can be invaluable when designing internship programs and building an effective secondary-postsecondary partnership. There will also be opportunities to discover the power of the® app, a mobile interface that allows students to carry their 10‐year Plan with them. This enhancement to the® system makes it easy for students to share their plans with mentors or friends and to update their plans as they learn new things about themselves and their plans.

Start‐up Strategies for Get Focused...Stay Focused! ® Programs
Educators will garner strategies from principals and administrators who have implemented successful Freshman Transition courses—the launch point for a Get Focused...Stay Focused!® program. more...From Rudy Ramirez, principal of Indio High School for 24 years, and Bob Hawkes, SB1070 Director for the Central Valley/Mother Lode Community College region, you will hear a variety of strategies for recruiting and training the best teachers, effective master scheduling, communicating with parents, and getting buy‐in for the program from all stakeholders. You will learn about the data and results of their programs, and you will leave with valuable insights to help launch your Get Focused...Stay Focused! ® initiative with confidence.

Stay Focused: Strategies for Implementing the Follow‐up Modules in 10th, 11th, and 12th Grades

Master teacher Erin Hansen and Carpinteria High School Freshman Course instructor Amy Bryant will provide an overview of the pedagogy behind the Common Core‐based Get Focused...Stay Focused! ® (GFSF) modules for each grade. more...As your students continue updating their online 10‐year Plans in each 16-lesson module, they’ll expand their career and education options, learn the process for selecting and applying to postsecondary education, and, finally, create a unique Skills‐based Education Plan to aimed at not only college completion but also employability upon graduation.

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